Data Privacy Statement

By using the website you explicitly accept the following:

Park Books is a financially and legally independent entity which abides by the legal regulations determined in the Swiss Personal Data Act as well as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in all matters of communications including the recording and processing of data with personal content.

Purposive and Proportional 

The publisher records and processes data exclusively for its own purpose of providing both free services and services subject to charges as well as for improving offers. All appropriate measures have been taken to protect data communications (i.e., SSL encryption) and stored data. Data with personal content is processed according to legal regulations.

Website Analysis

Google Analytics analyzes when our website is called up and cookies are used for the improvement of our offer. A contract service agreement has been made with Google. Data is anonymized to remove sensitive personal data. A general browser add-on may be used to deactivate Google Analytics.

Communication of Sensitive Data

When you send us data you thereby agree to the recording, storing, and processing of personal data for the purpose intended. Where it is not otherwise stated, this data will be stored in e-mail form. When you send us personal data online, we assume that you consent to replying through the same or another secure communication channel. Use a separate communication channel if you provide sensitive data such as user names and passwords.


When you subscribe to our newsletter you explicitly agree to receive our newsletter information. When registering your subscription you give us your first and last names and e-mail address. Providing your mailing address is optional. We use mailing addresses to send invitations to events in local areas. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link in the newsletter and following the instructions or by sending an e-mail to We contract e-mail services pertaining to our newsletter per agreement with Hostpoint. We contract data communication per agreement with Hostpoint.


When you order a book through our webshop you provide your first and last name, company or firm affiliation, postal address and zip code, e-mail, and telephone number as well as the billing address. This data is stored in accordance with appropriate communications (i.e. SSL encryption) and protected. Personal data are processed according to legal requirements. In processing payments using credit cards we use the payment gateways SIX Payment Services and PayPal. We do not store credit card information.
At the end of the order agreement you may select whether you would like to subscribe to the regularly published newsletter. We do not send out our newsletter without your subscription and there is no penalty to the customer for unsubscribing.
Cookies are used to anonymize data when processing the order and addresses provided in the shopping cart. These data allow for smoother functioning in order processing and are stored for a maximum of 48 hours before they are automatically deleted from the webserver’s data bank.

Shipping Book Orders 

In order to ship books, we have a contract agreement with a distribution partner. Books ordered from outside of Switzerland are distributed generally through GVA Gemeinsame Verlagsauslieferung Göttingen. Distribution is subject to service contract requirements in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 


For data storage and processing we have a contract agreement with Triagon, seated in Berlin, and we use Triagon’s publishing software product EDDY. To ensure complete compliance with regulations in the handling of data we are in receipt of a formal obligation from Triagon pertaining to data processing in accordance with Article 28, 32 GDPR. 


Third-party entities such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram use cookies to perform data analysis of website and internet activity pertaining to service offers (i.e. advertising) based on the record of previous visits to this or other websites. You may delete or completely deactivate cookies in your browser. 

Social Plugins 

We do not use social plugins associated directly with our service provider, but link from our website to our social media content. When following these links, you use those in accordance with the corresponding laws of the social media provider. 


Please be aware that e-mails may not always be encrypted when communicated due to technological factors. E-mails may be viewed by third parties during transmission and may be manipulated. Additionally, they may be filtered as spam or be lost. We are legally required to store business correspondence and documents for 10 years.


You have the right to know what personal data we have of you and to withdraw your consent of storing and using the data at any time at no cost. 


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